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OakWealth Tree

The OakWealth™ name is inspired by the age-old and oft quoted adage, "from little acorns mighty oaks grow". The oak symbolises strength, sustainability and endurance. The acorn - "humble beginnings and the courage to act on one’s aspirations".


We believe that everything great that was ever achieved started as a seed of an idea - and the conviction to make it happen. We believe that small beginnings, with good planning, consistent effort and patience, will overcome environmental challenges. The green of our logo signifies growth. We aspire for growth for our clients that is sustainable and will endure for generations to come. We believe that growth that is sustainable, like all good things, will take time. The road represents this journey – we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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OakWealth™ opened its doors in July 2010 with a select and core group of clients. Our foundation clients - affectionately our 'Oak Wealth Pioneers' - elected to join our Principal and Senior Adviser, Yihsing Koo on his new journey. To our OakWealth Pioneers: Yihsing is humbled by the trust you place in us and we strive as a team to exceed your expectations.

With a career forged through some of the most turbulent years in the global financial markets and a defining period in the Australian financial services industry, Yihsing knows what it takes to keep clients safe and secure on their wealth journey. Knowing when to be bold and when to stay a hand of caution - it is this depth of expertise that informs and optimises client outcomes.

And with their large corporate background, both Yihsing and Hwan San have seen firsthand the making of businesses that will be around for a long time to come. OakWealth™ is built on the core principles of technical excellence, responsiveness, quality of service, clarity in communication and objectivity in advice. These foundations are supported by the values that guide us in everything we do: honesty and integrity, respect, an achievement mindset, a ‘can do’ attitude and keeping safe and secure. We believe it is the convergence of these - our core principles and values - that makes a difference for our clients.

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