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Seeing a financial adviser for the first time can feel pretty daunting. After all, you are sharing very personal and private information.


At OakWealth, we are professionals with many years of experience assisting individuals and families. We are that safe space where you can share your biggest financial concerns and fears, applying our expertise to guide you onto and keep you on your path towards sustainable wealth, then stand by to cheer you on as you celebrate your successes, big and small alike. Our longstanding relationships, some in excess of 15 years, are testimony to how we do what we do. Our practice elements and advice processes are deliberately designed with your wellbeing in mind. We look forward to meeting you.


Until then, the steps below provide an overview of what you can expect in the course of your interaction with us. Our process depicts the event flow for a typical client. Activities have been listed to provide further context.

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How We Do It

Step 1: Get in touch to arrange your complimentary 
meet and greet

Step 1

That adviser that just gets you at all levels – that is really what you’re looking for.


Is OakWealth the right one for you? While we can tell you our clients love us, only you will know if we are perfect for you. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get to know us and if we are the one for you. That’s why your first consultation with OakWealth is no obligation and always free. This is our gift to you.

Ready to book in for your complimentary appointment? Just call us on (03) 9882 8288.

Step 2: Let's talk

Step 2

Your initial consultation is your time. Our clients tell us these meetings inspire clarity and a knowing that resonates deep within, preparing you to take the next step in your wealth journey.


Make the most of this session – come ready to talk to us about you, your immediate financial concerns and what keeps you awake at night. Come ready to share your dreams and wealth aspirations for you and your loved ones.


We’ll explore and discuss the financial strategies that can support you on your journey to abundance.

  "Come ready to  
  share your dreams and  
  wealth aspirations

Serious discussions take serious time. Allow 1.5 to 2 hours.


It is also your opportunity to get to know OakWealth. Ask your questions. Speaking openly – that’s how we do it here! Like what we do? Ask us about our wealth programs and services. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable – and delightful - it is to have OakWealth focused and cheering by your side on your journey to wealth and abundance!

By the end of this session, your options to prosperity have taken shape. You begin to see your path to financial wellbeing. The best part – this session is entirely complimentary.

  "Ask your questions.     Speaking openly - that's  
  how we  
do it here!"  

Step 3

Step 3: Get serious
about your wealth goals

When you decide to proceed with us, documenting your wealth plan is the first order of the day. Your Financial Plan is a detailed document outlining your current financial details and circumstances, your cash flow needs, financial goals and risks. Your plan also details the financial strategies we recommend to help you get there. Just as importantly, we consider your Plan B, costings and options.


The preparation of your Financial Plan typically takes 4-6 weeks. If there is information you have not provided us, it is important you do so before we commence preparing your financial plan. This ensures your Financial Plan is spot on. Clients tell us they love their plan presentation appointment where their customised journey to wealth is presented in great detail, organised in clear steps and laid out ready for action.


Allow 2 hours for your plan presentation appointment. Take the time to ask any questions you have. After all, this is your financial plan, your aspirations. It’s about your future.

  "A goal without a  
  plan is just a wish"  


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Step 4: Do it!

Step 4

So, you’re ready to make your Financial Plan a reality. We don’t just document your plan, we project manage its implementation.


Once we receive your go-ahead, we prepare an action plan and implementation schedule customised to you, with clear timelines and responsibilities.

We keep close tabs on your implementation, providing you updates along the way on progress. You just sit back and relax. Have questions? We’re a phone call away.

  "It always seems  
  until it’s done."  


Nelson Mandela

Step 5: Ensuring you

stay on track

Step 5

Your financial plan is not beautifully bound so it can sit on a shelf. At OakWealth, keeping you focused is the most important role we play.


Regular and ongoing review of outcomes, disciplined action planning and realignment: your ongoing review sessions are deliberately designed to keep you on track.


At these meetings, find out your progress towards your financial goals. If there have been changes to your circumstances, update us. This way, we can review your financial strategies to ensure they stay relevant to your needs.

  "...keeping you focused is the most important  role we play."  

Step 6
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