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Your aspirations are as individual as your thumb print. At OakWealth, we believe understanding your BIG WHY - your very reason for being, what drives you - this is the first step to helping you achieve your financial goals. And so each financial plan we design is a reflection of the priorities that are uniquely you.


The best strategies are pointless if all you do in life is scrimp, scrape and save. Sustainability is a big part of the OakWealth philosophy. We believe that life is short and making sure you enjoy your wealth journey is a big part of our planning.


Alignment of your goals with your personal values is critical to your success. After all, what’s the point of a wonderful roadmap if it takes you somewhere you don’t really want to go? We believe that your most important goal is to know your truth, your values. When you are in flow with that truth, nothing can stand in your way.

And then let’s actually do it! We believe this is as essential to the success of any great strategy as the conception of the strategy itself.

Making it happen through artful and professional implementation – that’s part of how we do it here. At OakWealth, keeping you focused is the most important role we play. Your financial plan is not beautifully bound to sit on a shelf. Regular and ongoing review of outcomes, disciplined action planning and realignment – these are deliberately designed to keep you on track.

So admittedly, you will hear less about products to line our pockets and more about developing sound and sustainable strategies, less about income protection insurance and never about nefarious get-rich-quick schemes; more about prioritising your goals, staying safe and secure, and staying on track. Disappointed?


We didn’t think so.


Discover OakWealth and how we make a positive difference in the lives of people just like you.

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Our Wealth Philosophy
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