OakWealth Family & Friends

At OakWealth, our existing clients are often the first to recognise when we can be of real benefit to a loved one, family or friend. Over the years, many of you have encouraged that family member or friend to take that first step to financial wellbeing. We realise it is not always easy to make that decision to get expert advice and it always helps when someone you trust knows someone they trust!

At OakWealth we are here with expert advice when you need it. The OakWealth Family & Friends Program is our way of helping make that decision to get expert advice that little bit easier. We promise to bring frequent, fresh and value offers to you, your family and friends. Offers change from time to time and the latest Family & Friends Offer is always published here. Check back often and if you need additional  Cards or have a question, just get in touch.

Current Offer:

Family & Friends of OakWealth clients enjoy a one-off 20% saving on Advice Preparation & Advice Implementation Fees. You must be a first-time client to partake! Offer extended by popular demand until 7 December 2016. Program Terms and Conditions apply.

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Family & Friends Program Terms and Conditions

  1. The Family & Friends Card ("the Card") remains the property of OakWealth and is subject to return on request.

  2. Use of the Card is subject to the Family & Friends Terms and Conditions, as published on this internet site. OakWealth reserves the right to change the Family & Friends Terms and Conditions from time to time, without notice.

  3. On presentation of the Card, First Time Clients will be entitled to take advantage of the Current Offer.

  4. The Current Offer is not redeemable for cash and not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

  5. The Current Offer does not apply to the OakWealth Ongoing Service Program and associated charges.

  6. The Current Offer is valid only for the Promotion Period listed on this internet site.

  7. OakWealth reserves the right to change, cancel or suspend the card, the Current Offer and/or the Family& Friends Program at any time, without notice.

  8. If the Current Offer includes a percentage discount, that discount applies to the GST-inclusive full fee quoted in the Statement of Advice provided by OakWealth after the complimentary Initial Consultation.

  9. Where provision of services will result in contravention of the law, licensing requirements or is outside our area of expertise, OakWealth reserves the right to decline provision of services, at which time, all of its obligations under the Family & Friends Program will terminate.

  10. Issue and replacement of the Card is at the discretion of OakWealth and will only be made to existing Ongoing Service Clients.

  11. Definitions:

    Initial Consultation: Your first appointment with an Oakwealth Adviser.  The first appointment for a first time client is complimentary and there is no obligation to proceed with our services.

    Advice Preparation Fees: Fees charged for the preparation of advice specific to your needs.  Advice Preparation Fees vary and are dependent on the complexity of the advice for your situation.

    Advice Implementation Fees: Fees charged for the implementation of the advice provided to you.  Advice Implementation Fees are dependent on the complexity of your individual situation.

    First Time Clients: Clients who have not previously had an Initial Consultation with an OakWealth adviser.

    Ongoing Service Clients: Clients who have an active service agreement for ongoing financial planning services with OakWealth.

    Current Offer: The OakWealth Family & Friends Program offer published on this internet site from time to time.

    Promotion Period: The Current Offer is valid until 30 June 2016.