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A Toast to Rete on her Retirement

What an honour it is to propose this "e-toast" to Rita Connel on her retirement!

Rita joined OakWealth in 2013 and quickly became an integral part of the team. She has been a diligent and delightful member of Team OakWealth, a loyal and trusted employee to both Yihsing and myself, as well as a wonderful friend. We will sorely miss Rete's warm and bubbly presence, her quiet contributions that are made with no fuss (but always noticed), her dulcet tones at the other end of the line (you all know what I mean!) and her very, very special brand of "introversion" (there is hope for fellow introverts)!

While we are sad to have to bid Rete farewell, we are excited that she has reached her golden retirement and wait with anticipation to hear about all the adventures she gets up to next!

To Rete - it has truly been a pleasure working with you and we wish you only the very best for the years to come. I think C. S. Lewis said it well: You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. May you sail off into the sunset and enjoy a retirement filled with new goals, new dreams and new craft ventures on your cricut!

Finally, as a special treat, scroll down to enjoy Rete's farewell poem, written from the heart.


Musings From a Little "Acorn"

From Rita Connel

Rete's Retirement

It's been a few years since we first met.

Here's my secret to remember how to pronounce your names,

"YEE SING" and "WAN SON" - I wrote them down

It had to be phonetic so I'd get them right!

Oh yes, and a pot of warm water for Hwan San,

caused me to frown.

Now here are a few things I can't forget.

Just so you know,

it won't be rhyming,

but let's see how I go!

Working at OakWealth has been great,

there's not enough words I can convey

to tell you how much

I loved coming to work each day.

(Except for my days off, of course!)

I will forget the travel time,

the lousy parking,

but will remember Mogu Mogu Jonker Street,

3 Little Monkeys and Zero 95 just fine.

I enjoyed our team lunch days,

where we got the chance to catch up and chat.

Not about work,

but this and that!

Oh, and our birthday bashes,

you spoiled us rotten.

And Secret Santa

won't be forgotten!

Yihsing and Hwan San,

you are passionate about your company,

there is no doubt

and caring for your team is paramount.


I'll miss you so much -

our chats about Tottenham,

dogs and such.

Natalie and Philip,

you're the best,

you've jumped right in,

I'm so impressed.

The clients are part of the family too,

for without them, what would we do?

No appointments to book, no reports to run,

no teas to make, oh, for heaven's sake - I can't go on

I'll miss them so.

They are my faves - of that you know!

Yihsing and Hwan San,

you always give so much to us,

you're generous to a "T".

It's hard to give you presents back,

but you must know,

your team will give you their "presence",

dedication and so much more.

Of that you can be sure.

Now it's time from the old (me)

to the new (Nat and Phil)

to wish you well in all you do.

OakWealth is growing (into a big tree)

and so will you!

And so, my friends -

I wish you Adieu!

Retirement is calling

and I must go!

By the way, Yihsing -

I retired "young"

thanks to your

financial management!

(You can quote me if you like!)

Thank you for looking

after me so well,

it's always been unexpected

but very much appreciated.

Ever grateful,

your friend Rete.

Rete's Retirement - Team Photo

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