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Introducing… Philip Sujanto, Associate Trainee on Professional Placement

Continuing our Getting to Know OakWealth series, we have Philip Sujanto in the spotlight this month.

Philip joined us in February as an undergraduate under the Swinburne Professional Placement program. This Swinburne University program aims at partnering with leading Australian and global organisations to offer their undergraduates authentic workplace experience. Under the program, students work on real industry projects, solve day-to-day challenges in their field and gain professional skills that put theory to practice. Students, under the guidance of their host organisation, build invaluable skills and work experience that will support their job search in their field of choice upon graduation. At OakWealth, we believe in the importance of training and development. Late last year, we reached out to Swinburne to see how we could work with them to develop their students into people with skills the financial services industry needs. In designing Phil’s placement at OakWealth, Yihsing and Hwan San put their collective experience in similar industry based learning programs of their youth. And so, Philip's role at OakWealth has been designed to complement his studies by exposing him to the many aspects of our practice. In addition to supporting our advice and accounting teams on client service tasks, Phil has also been applying his technology knowledge towards researching, testing and implementing an automated appointment booking system for OakWealth. This has been a wonderful move into the noughties, with many clients now enjoying the seamless experience. We asked Phil why financial services? Phil says:

"There is an overwhelmingly large amount of information out there and as individuals, we are often not sure if it will affect us or how secure our future is. I want to be able to help relieve these concerns so that clients can focus on what is truly important to them."

Phil is due to complete his double degree in Commerce (Finance) and Business Information Systems in July 2018. That’s not long to go and we wish him well. Outside work and study, Phil enjoys dabbling in the kitchen, something he says compliments well his love of eating! He is always on the hunt for new and exciting recipes to try. At OakWealth, we are delighted to be contributing to the development of the next generation of quality people in the financial services space. With Phil’s work ethic, passion, interest and his strong desire for learning, we think this young professional will go far!

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