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Introducing… Steven Koo, Office Assistant

This month we welcomed Steven Koo as a member of our Office Assistant team. While many of you may already have met Steven over the years, we are pleased to be able to finally officially welcome him to the fold!


If you haven't already put two and two together, Steven is an original OakWealth acorn - he is the elder son of Yihsing and Hwan San. However, while both his parents are numbers people, Steven is more of a science guy. This year, he commenced studying the Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne and is looking forward to embarking on a career in medicine or research down the track.

That's at least six years from now though... Right now, Steven is enjoying settling into university life and all it has to offer. Outside of study, tutoring and work, he spends his downtime relaxing with friends, playing saxophone (and a bit of piano) and listening to anything from Jazz to K-Pop.

While travel isn't one of his core passions, Steven is interested in travelling to Japan one day. The future researcher in him is intrigued by the innovation coming out of the country and is looking forward to immersing within the melting pot of personalities that make up the country's interesting population.

We asked Steven to tell us one thing that most people may not know about him and he told us that he has recently been learning about K-Pop dance art, recommending the activity as a rigorous but fun form of exercise. A future scientist with some dance moves!

As an Office Assistant, Steven is one of our operations wizards here at OakWealth ensuring the broader team is well supported in what they do for you. While his tasks vary from day to day depending on office demands, his role purpose remains the same - to provide high quality administrative and operational support so that the office can function smoothly and efficiently.

We are excited to have Steven on board. He has been a great 'behind the scenes' help over the years and it is wonderful that he is now officially part of the OakWealth team.

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