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The Charity Reveal

As we farewell the fading remnants of the holiday season, our team at OakWealth would like to wish you a Happy New Year! We hope that you had a relaxing Christmas break with your family and friends.

Looking back just briefly at 2018, we invite you now to cast your minds back to our December newsletter, where we asked you to help us decide which charity to support. Thanks to your votes (see the chart below for the client poll outcome), we are delighted to report that the donation has been made to Drought Angels, an organisation which supports Australian farmers suffering from drought. Although a charitable organisation, Drought Angels clarifies that they are not handing our charity, but rather gratitude from the appreciative citizens of Australia to the hard-working local farmers who put food on our plates every single day.

Read more about Drought Angels here and we invite you to join with us to help our drought-stricken farming community.

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