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Introducing... Wilson Wong, Office Assistant

In this edition of our Getting to Know OakWealth series, we are pleased to introduce you to another member of our growing team of office assistants – Wilson Wong.


As part of the Office Assistant team, Wilson’s job is to help us ensure the OakWealth office is running smoothly and efficiently by providing all that critical behind the scenes administrative and operational support. He is one of the many cogs that keep our office chugging along and makes sure we are always doing our best work for you!

Outside of work, Wilson is an undergraduate university student. When he was thinking about his preferences for university, he wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do in the future and thought it would be smart to choose something which would allow him to keep his options open. With an interest in both areas, he knew he couldn’t go wrong with a double degree in Commerce and Information Technology – and with one year under his belt now, he confirms he has absolutely no regrets and is still loving his studies.

Fortunately for us, his studies have made him into a little bit of an Excel whiz - a pretty handy skill when you're in the numbers game. For Wilson, his studies have helped him realise he would like to pursue a career either as a business software programmer or a business systems analyst. Of course, once he finishes university, his plan is to first take a little break to get in a bit of travel! His first stop will probably be Europe as he hasn’t been there yet and has heard many great stories about travel there.

Until then, Wilson enjoys keeping busy doing weights at the gym and playing guitar. We hear he is pretty skilled on the saxophone too – but he must be modest because he didn’t mention this during our mini interview with him for this post. Feel free to quiz him about this next time you catch him on the phone and let us know what you find out!

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