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Alert: Scammers impersonating ATO phone numbers

Keep vigilant! The ATO is warning that scammers are using 'Robocall' technology to target taxpayers across the country.

Assistant Commissioner Gavin Siebert said: “Scammers are sending pre-recorded messages in record numbers and are manipulating caller identification so that your phone displays a legitimate ATO phone number despite coming from an overseas scammer”.

Scammers are making contact and requesting payment of a tax debt - usually through unusual methods like bitcoin, gift cards and vouchers. Legitimate ways to pay your tax debt are listed on the ATO website and will never include bitcoin, gift cards or vouchers. Scammers also also threatening immediate arrest, and will often attempt to keep you on the line until payment is made. They may become rude or aggressive.

The technique of displaying misleading phone numbers is known as “spoofing” and is commonly used by scammers in an attempt to make their interactions with taxpayers appear legitimate.

If you get a call from a suspected scammer, hang up! If you're ever in doubt about whether the call is legitimate, get in touch with us and we will get to the bottom of it with you.

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