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Yihsing Koo  

CA MBA (Exec) BAcc

Authorised Representative

Co-Founder, Principal & Senior Adviser

Yihsing has extensive finance and financial planning experience secured over two decades, through some of the most turbulent years in the global financial markets and a defining period in the Australian financial services industry. Over this time, Yihsing has ably steered hundreds of clients, keeping clients safe and secure on their wealth journey. Knowing when to be bold and when to stay that hand of caution - it is the depth of expertise that informs and optimises client outcomes.


In 2010, Yihsing welcomed his first clients to OakWealth™, providing a professional financial advisory experience built on the foundation of technical excellence, service, quality advice, responsiveness and communication.


Yihsing lives by the principle that sustainability is key to growing wealth. Wealth that is sustainable, like all good things, will take time and with good planning, will endure for generations to come. Yihsing also passionately believes that making sure you enjoy your wealth journey is a big part of getting there. This is the difference that makes the difference for OakWealth™ clients.

Yihsing is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Chartered Accountant. He holds a Master of Business Administration (Executive) from the Australian Graduate School of Management, business school of the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales and a Bachelor of Accounting from Monash University.


Earlier in his career, Yihsing earned his stripes at large corporates including National Australia Bank, consulting house, Accenture and “Big Four” Chartered Accountant, Ernst & Young.