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Most of us are brought up to think that all debts are bad. While this may be true if you use debt to purchase lifestyle assets, some debts which are used to create long term wealth can be good! This is because loan interest incurred to create wealth is usually tax deductible.*


Joel and Ashley* were 35 when they first came to see us for advice. They had always been focussed on paying down their home loan as they did not like being in debt. On their current repayment schedule, they expected to have paid off their home loan by age 50. Although they would be debt free by then, they would have no assets to help create wealth. While they could still start investing after paying off their home loan, they would have missed out on 15 years of good investment opportunities. We recommended they use our “Debt Recycling” strategy to start creating wealth while continuing to pay down their home loan. Adopting this strategy, we projected that Joel and Ashley would likely still pay off their home loan in about the same time but would now build wealth along the way.

Driving down “bad” debt is only one part of the equation. We make sure you have the right debt structure to put you in the best financial position to achieve your goals sooner. Using our strategies, you may be able to recycle your “bad” debt into “good” debt and create long-term wealth. Talk to us to find out more. 

  We make sure you have the  
  right debt structure to put you in  
  the best financial position  
  to achieve your goals sooner.  

Drive Down Debt


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  3. References to past performance are not an indication of future performance. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns.

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