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Approximately 65% of older Australians rely on the Centrelink Aged Pension as their main source of retirement income, with this number continuing to grow in recent years.


While the Aged Pension is often a good source of income to supplement existing superannuation funds during retirement, the complex and ever changing Centrelink rules can make it difficult for retirees to assess their eligibility and gain access to it.

  Complex and ever changing rules  
  can make it difficult for retirees  
  to access the Aged Pension.  

  We endeavour to minimise  
  the stress of dealing with  
  Centrelink so you can simply  
  focus on enjoying retirement!  

Peter and Jane* came to us, having sold their home in anticipation of retirement. Although they had previously received the full Aged Pension from Centrelink, the proceeds of the sale of their home now meant that their entitlement would be reduced. We took another look at the figures and were able to develop a Centrelink strategy which would provide Peter and Jane an additional $36,000 in Aged Pension over a 15 year period. We also consulted with Centrelink throughout the process to ensure our recommended strategy was approved.

At OakWealth, we endeavour to minimise the stress of dealing with Centrelink for you so that you can simply focus on enjoying your retirement! We start by working out your benefit entitlement and then develop effective strategies to maximise it. We act as your Centrelink Nominee so that we can take care of the Centrelink queries and requirements on your behalf. Finally, we help you with your Centrelink application and paperwork to make dealing with Centrelink a breeze.

Centrelink & Pension Strategies


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